Secretary Desk

  • Welcome to the HRSPM’s Sarsenapati Hambirao Mohite Law College Rajgurunagar, Pune.

    "Knowledge Can Save Life"

    Knowledge is a Boon For improving and raising standards of Knowledgeable and qualitative life of every human being. It is absolutely believed by a human kind that the knowledge can improve and fill up the different colors in their life. This College Has a history of having produced some of the best legal brain in our country. We believe in the overall personality development of every student. To inspire budding professionals, we have many eminent legal personalities including High Court And Supreme Court Judges and senior Advocates who came and share their experiences with students.

    I hope that you will enjoy your stay at our campus and byte end of five years or three years get enough knowledge so as to become responsible citizens of great country.

    Dr. Shivajirao N. Mohite