Reading Room for Students & For Teachers

  • Library Facilities

    A. Membership

    S.H.M. Law College Library provides membership to staff viz. teaching staff, Non- teaching staff, visiting faculty, full time faculty, students, alumni, paralegal volunteers etc. Alumni are provided with life time membership.

    B. Book Purchase

    Library purchases book by applying P.D.A. i.e. patron driven acquisition policy where students and staff recommend books for purchase by filling a simple form. Librarian provides book catalogues to users to assist book selection.

    C. New Arrival Service

    As soon as books are purchased, they are displayed on New Arrival rack placed at the entrance of library, so that user entering library will get quick glimpse of newly arrived books. This activity informs and provokes them to lend new books from the library.

    D. Circulation

    Library provides 2 books for 7 days per user and also renews for another 7 days. Thus each user generally gets 2 books for 15 days. Library also provides books for special needs e.g. Library provided 30 books simultaneously for AIBE exam preparation per user, alumni are provided with life time membership & library also provided 10 books for alumni for JMFC preparation per user with reading room facility.

    E. Scholarly Journals

    Library subscribes to Criminal Law Journal, Maharashtra Law Journal, Current Labourr Report, AIR ChequeDishnor reports. The Yale Law Journal, Indian Bar Review, Professional Ethics, Lawyer Update, Law Z. Library has paid Rs.50,000 for journals subscription.

    F. News paper

    Library subscribes English newspapers viz. The Indian Express, The times of India, The Hindu, and marthinewspaers viz. Sakal, Prabhat and Loksatta. Library has spent Rs. 12000 for daily newspapers subscription.

    G. Bulletin Board

    Library has specially designed activity named Bulletin Board to enhance legal awareness of students by writing legal maxims and legal terms on green and white board, this activity is enthusiastically performed by volunteers.

    H. Internet search facility

    Library has 10 computers, connected to internet via broad band connection with 4 mbps speed, this facility is freely available to all registered students of college, librarian assist them in simple search, advanced search of various legal databases , court website for moot court preparation , career opportunities and various other academic purposes. Users are able to receive pin pointed information.

    I. Competitive exam guidance

    Students are provided with guidance on various competitive exams in legal streams like AIBE exam, JMFC etc. under competitive exam guidance scheme. They are provided with detailed syllabus, previous year question papers, exam pattern, exam dates etc.

    J. Law entrance exam guidance

    Students aspire to be lawyers are guided with eligibility for exam, exam pattern, exam schedule and preparation need to be done like current awareness, quantitative aptitude, English, reasoning. Application forms are filled at college.

    K. Current Awareness Service

    Under current awareness service table of contents of newly arrived journals, newly purchased books by library, legal articles, important legal issues, legal news are shared with all the students on whatsapp group.

    L. Selective Dissemination of Information

    Staff and student are provided with specific and selected information in need like legal articles for research. Cases and judgments from Supreme Court and Various High Courts for moot court preparation and study. Various important articles on Cyber Security are provided to students.

    M. Reprography

    Photocopy facility is provided to, the development of photocopying services has helped library in its efforts to provide better services to users ensuring better access to library materials. Students have easy access to photocopying facilities, which enable them to reproduce required material from books and journals.

    N. E content

    Library possess one set of ‘The Making of the Constitution of India’. It is a ten-part television mini-series based on the making of the Constitution of India, directed by ShyamBenegal. It recreates the debates that took place before the drafting of the Constitution of India.The show premiered on 2 March 2014 on RajyaSabha TV, with an episode scheduled to air every Sunday morning. The series can be viewed on YouTube on RajyaSabha TV's channel.